A play about fear and more


The story of the little girl Angelique and her doll, Buttonface, a strange, roughly-made patchwork creature with buttons for

eyes, is a tale about fear and courage, truth and lies—and comes with a big dollop of magic.
In the colours and sounds of the fascinating city of New Orleans, Angelique finds outwhat it means to be afraid and how you can overcome fear. Her journey takes her all the way to the realm of the dead where she discovers that you don’t need magic to be brave and that there’s nothing wrong with owning up to being scared. A play to give you lovely shuddery feelings and help you laugh away your fear.

Für Muttersprachler ab 8 Jahren und Englischkurse ab Klasse 7
English version for native speakers from 8 years and English classes from Year 7.



Director: Julia Lehn

Assistant Director & Drama Teacher: Nele Hoffmann

Writer: Benjamin Ting

Translator: Imogen Taylor

Linguistic Support: Isabell Armstrong-Cowell

Lightning: Frederik Freber

Stage and Lightning Consultant: Nadja Klinge

Costume & Props: Anna Lehn

Actor: Björn Lehn

Music: Wolfgang Vetter

Duration: ca. 60 min